Do I know myself⁉

  • Recently I was reading newspaper, I came across a interview of ‘SHAHRUKH KHAN’ , in which he said that

“When in a 30-second or a one-minute byte, I am asked ‘Can you describe Shah Rukh Khan in one word as a person?’ This is something I don’t know at all. How do I describe anyone, let alone me, in one word and that also in a one-minute interview? It has taken me 52 years to understand about 10 per cent of who I am, let alone try to express it to people within a minute.”

Well don’t you think it happens with all of us …let’s take the most common example when we are required to fill a form which contains a question about fill your 5 strength and 5 weakness.’s takes us decades to think and fill those 5 strength and weakness …and even sometimes we ask to our best friend sit ting beside us and struggling for same answer , hey dude! Do you know my strengths?? 😂😂😂 …. and our friend react like

So It means we don’t know ourself … what are we talking about is called SELF AWARENESS …going on a perfect defination  

Self-Awareness is defined as the accurate appraisal and understanding of your abilities and preferences and their implications for your behaviour and their impact on others. It’s reality-testing; a calibration against the facts of life.

Self-awareness is partly knowledge about the self: strengths and weaknesses, vulnerabilities and passions..

Nowadays  we all are so busy in going to our workplaces ,school ,colleges, studying ,completing tasks ,doing household things, chatting and the list goes on… all in all we are busy people…. Even if we are free our mind is definitely not free…we have to think about what to do next ,what should be done and blah blah…. but we never focus on

  • What I truly want
  • What are my desires
  • What are my perceptions
  • What am I good at
  • What are the qualities I lack
  • Am I emotionally connected to my soul

Please ask these questions to yourself do you really know their answers … and I know after asking this question you will be reacting like

😁well I will be telling you how in the next segment …till then keep asking,try to. Know yourself….and keep supporting me… have a nice day all of you❤

Embrassing things we do daily and don’t talk about it


There are so ooooooo. Many weird things we keep doing daily…but we never accept it..😎😎😷

☆Taking thousands of selfie without any use …


☆Preparing a speech or interview we will be giving after becoming famous..


☆Reading a novel and starring ourself as a lead in the movie based on the novel …. (I do it a lot😂)


☆Pretending to understand a joke when you just don’t. .
☆Act as if you are performing on a stage..


☆Run up the stairs as if someone is following you..
☆Thinking how would be your life if you would be of another sex…
☆Start a song from being when you completely mess with the words.
☆Imagining yourself meeting with an accident , in which you don’t die but just get some weeks off…
☆Admiring yourself in mirror for how good you look..😍😍


☆Pretending you a won argument which in real life you lost.
☆Sneaking a quick glance on your significant other social account when they accidently forget to log out.😉😜


☆And then acting if you never did any of it


These were some one of the things we do daily ,don’t we guys… 😉
Please tell me if there are other things which I forgotten to mention….
Till then have a good day ahead guys…

Becoming a leader … (Part II)


Well well well!!!!don’t people think LEADERS ARE BORN!
but as I said in my previous article leaders are not born I repeat they aren’t born………

Each one of us have all qualities but it’s just the degree which matters..
Same in the matter of leadership quality. ..I won’t say any one will become a leader overnight but yeah there are some thing on which if u really work you will surely become one ……

Now let’s go through them..


☆ Be confident – 
Well who do you guys trust more ? A guy underconfident about something or a one who is fully confident…. obviously we all will go with a person having confidence….That’s what I want to convey have confidence that will make your way easily…but how this confidence come …. The second and third point will do that for it…

☆Communication –

Communicate with people, try to talk to them. Remove all your hesitation from your system . Now that’s something really important . If u succeed to remove this barrier you’ll be surely start feeling much more confident….

☆Have complete knowledge-

For confidence and gaining credibility you must have a complete knowledge about what are you saying . Be aware about things, try to know more and more things. And be a good listener. I am not saying become a living Wikipedia but at least have about what you are talking about.

☆Be dynamic-

Humans have a tendency to resist changes but we should not ..Actually changes are good and changing too in a good way. For a leader it’s very important to change ,to improve himself every day .

☆Be humble but firm-

There is a difference between a boss and a leader and that’s humbleness  . If you want to influence and motivate others you need to be humble but be firm on your decision …Not everyone will approve your decision everytime and that’s how your patience will be tested… but that is important ..learn to accept ,improve…


These were some point I think which are really important to become a leader and standout … as a matter of fact there are well numerous qualities but these are just basics for a start..

Good luck 👍👍and no matter how hard it is just KEEP GOING KEEP TRYING✌✌


Leadership …


Peter Drucker famously stated that when   “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing right things”..

■Now the question arises what is leadership??
              ▪Well answer is a very easily one -the ability to influence other people for achieving a goal and directing them is leadership….

                  •Well according to a theory in psychology        known as PERSONALITY  THEORIES OF LEADER it is stated that leaders are born leader ….
err.. but do u think soo….¿¿¿?????

Well I don’t 😞
Before  thinking why let’s go through qualities of a leader…:



Leaders have a vision where they are going?,,what is next?..

Where are they going?,what they want to achieve?



Leaders are willing to take risk for achieving something knowing there is no guarantee of success..



Integrity requires to tell the truth to everyone in any circumstances. ….be honest



Leaders are not only strong and decisive but are humble….they know how to treat others….



Leaders are focused on what is to be achieved by them by their people…..



Leaders are good planners….they always have a plan as world is full of competition. ..



Leaders are those who get there work done by people  by getting cooperation and commitment….

As above qualities of leadership I think we all have these qualities inside us but the one thing that matters here is degree. …Degree of qualities we have….we all can be a leader only if we want to be a one……

That all for now ….I will be telling you in next part how to be a one…..leader……….till then bye have a good day😊☺

Mind vs heart…

I always noticed mind tells us you cannot do this and heart says let’s give it a try , let’s fight but still people always assume mind is right especially  the so called practical people. 

But in my opinion mind always choose the easy way ,the least risky one,,the shortcuts, which tends to be a intelligent and smart choice but not as we know ” all that glitters is not gold” ….

I accept our sweet little delicate Mr. Heart choose the tough things or ways but they are the things which are right for us ,which will make us happy eventually..

I don’t say that practical people are not good ,or you shouldn’t be following your brain but don’t use your brain in matter of heart ,,don’t follow your brain when their is a need for following heart…. otherwise everything will  be screwed up …

What brain makes complex ,heart makes it simple… 

Follow your heart he knows what’s best for u ..

And yeah take your brain with u but don’t let it control u…

I am my favourite

Really people admire others but I admire myself because I am my favourite,  sorry I am not over confident or a self centered person but I think for loving others u have to love yourself first…for accepting others you have to accept yourself first… if you are not happy how can you keep people around you happy… we always try to fulfill other’s expectations from us .sometimes we do what our parents want from us sometimes what our friends and sometimes what our society want…I accept most of the times we are underpressure  but is it right… don’t we all have a single life and no one else is gonna live for u … feel for u .. most importantly we forget that we cannot keep everyone happy at a time ….so just listen to your heart ,love yourself,  be your own hero, and be your own favourite. …..

Sorry for a really late post….

Are teens fools….

Don’t we hear it 

  • You are just a teen you just don’t understand 

Really don’t we understand… Actually we do understand ,,we do feel the depth,the responsibility, of anything…but the difference is we don’t panic or freak out like grown ups ….we are just calm and find our ways with our minds which are not rusted yet with stereotypical mind sets,,,we are not the ones who care what others think,,we are not divided by race,caste,religion,states yet….

# sorry for errors,,,just a new one here